Trust Your Dopeness is one of our favorite hashtags on social media. Not because it sounds cool but
because it’s almost like a permission statement to be authentically you in your highest form and that
in itself is so freeing and so dope. The most freeing thing we ever did as female entrepreneurs is to
establish our vision, our whys, our brand’s energy and our signature story before we even launched
the podcast or any of our social media outlets. Why? Because we wanted that to guide everything
that we do, think and say and bring us back to being or most authentic selves. You have to define who
you are or others will define that for you. Even worse, this is how people end up taking on nightmare
clients, working for free or selling waist trainers and skinny tea when they are a running a business and
building a brand that’s totally unrelated. If you don’t know what you stand for and who you are, you will
always be distracted by the latest trend, hopping from bandwagon to bandwagon or the next pyramid
scheme. Being authentic and clear is the start for branding your creation. Know your why then own it!

The WCW Podcast brand, knows what we do and why we do it and who we do it for. This keeps us
going and keeps us laser focused. It allows us to say with confidence this is what we believe and this is
what we stand for…take it or leave it with no compromises. Sadly, a lot of women often struggle with
this because they don’t want to seem too pushy, boring, unrelateable or egotistical.
Remember authentic personal branding is not solely about you but it’s about how people perceive you
and how your messaging translates to the people you are trying to help with your brand. You should
be able to articulate what makes you different. What do you have to offer that you are able to
demonstrate as different, better or unique (your unique value proposition)? Take some time for a little
self -reflection, dig deep inside yourself and find those differences and characteristics and strengths.
That’s when you create that 24 karat magic!

What can you do to be consistently brand on target and make sure you are reaching your target
audience and attracting more clients and followers? Here are few quick gems to help your brand
authentically in 10 minutes or less.

1.Take a personality audit. Who are you? Are your personality strengths shining in branding online
across all your social media platforms and website? Come up with seven adjectives that are your
best qualities and write them down. Let those qualities speak loudly in your messaging and social
media posts always. Identifying who you are , what makes you different and what drives you in your
work can bring meaning to everyday life.

2.After taking that introspective look at yourself, make sure you shout this new self-aware,
self-assured message from the rooftops and across all your social media platforms (which should all
be consistent) . Put everybody onto you! This means from your written bio to your Twitter bio. This
shapes how people see you online. Think of it as a pre-elevator pitch or an online business card.

3.Always write like you speak. People will always respect the realness or your authentic self.

4.Express your fears and your vulnerabilities. It shows you are “one of us” and that “you can sit with
us” No one like to see someone who always looks like their winning and always has everything
together. They want to know you! Authenticity is never perfect but it’s always real!

5.Be brave enough to be yourself. #ownyourmagic There is so much freedom , beauty and power in
being honest with yourself and who you really are.

6.No one can give to the world what you can. Everyone has a unique voice, imagination and their own
truth. Everyone is a different way of solving problems, creating and solutions and adding value. The
world needs that uniqueness and that authenticity.

7.#TrustYourDopeness. Take the leap to move from vision to reality and share whatever it is that makes you unique with the world with confidence and boldness

You can also check out our fan favorite Episode 15 – “How to Get Brand Clarity” to get more tips on
authenticity, developing your personal branding and building a brand online.

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