WCW Podcast: #TrustYourDopeness

Trust Your Dopeness is one of our favorite hashtags on social media. Not because it sounds cool but because it’s almost like a permission statement to be authentically you in your highest form and that in itself is so freeing and so dope. The most freeing thing we ever did as female entrepreneurs is to establish our vision, our whys, our brand’s energy and our signature story before we even launched the podcast or any of our social media outlets. Why? Because we wanted that to guide everything that we do, think and say and bring us back to being or most authentic selves. You have to define who you are or others will define that for you. Even worse, this is how people end up taking on nightmare clients, working for free or selling waist trainers and skinny tea when they are a running a business and building a…

In the darkest of places her light will shine, the journey of Cocoa Sarai

Even in the darkest of places your light will shine. It will emerge from the depth of your soul and slowly illuminate every corner, every room, and every empty space. That light is the artist, the songwriter, the teacher; an amazingly talented young woman. She has taken some of life’s most painful blows and used them as inspiration to become who she is today. Have you heard of her? Do you know her story? Sit back, take a ride with us as we introduce and share with you the journey of the one and only Miss Cocoa Sarai. Tell me about your most recent album? What was the inspiration behind it? ‘I went through a really traumatic breakup, 5 1/2-year relationship. It was really hard. I had a studio in my house, I found myself waking up finishing other records to write and sell to other artists. And then I…